Who – or what – is Corey Furman?Corey Furman

Though he grew up in Brooklyn, New York, Corey now lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife, son and goofball cat.

His first career was professional soldier, and is a Gulf War I vet.

When Corey isn’t writing books, he now herds wayward computer systems and provides ground support in the war on poverty. His writing and volunteer efforts remind us that in a world focused on technology, the human condition remains our first concern.

Why did you turn to writing?

I’ve always been an artist of one kind or another.  Growing up in NY I wanted to be an architect, or failing that a graphic artist.  I quickly turned to music, though, and that was a great outlet for many years.  After I left the service, I became a programmer and network administrator by turns.  There’s a lot more creativity to those things than one might think.  In any case, I was recently promoted to lead an IT shop, and while I do still get to spend some time getting my hands dirty with code and data, I spend much of my time doing administrivia, budgets, planning, evals, and the like.  Those pencils don’t push themselves…  So, my art had been taken from me, leaving a hole in my life.

The need for creative expression grew until a tipping point was reached, producing The Way of All Flesh.  I’d never written a blessed thing before, but as a whole it was a cathartic experience.  Though it started out as a pressure release, and there were a few challenging times along the way, the process quickly became enjoyable.

Why should I read this book?

That’s fair question.  I, probably like you, have a dozen books at hand demanding to be read, and probably numerous stacks more I hope to get through before they nail me shut in my coffin.  So, perhaps the question may be: Is TWOAF just more noise, or should I give a few hours of my life to it?  Well, I’ve put a lot of work into making it a fine read, but there are a few other good reasons making it worth your time.

First of all, I’ve read Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and of course I’d seen Blade Runner.  Both were very focused on Deckard, and while that’s a fantastic story, I think there was a lot of room to explore, and that there were even more compelling stories to be told.  I’m trying to fill in some of those blanks.

Second, TWOAF can be read without looking any deeper than a love story with conflict and resolution – I think it’s satisfying on that level alone – but there are deeper themes to be found, and I hope you the reader will take the time to find them.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I plan to donate half the profits to a local homeless shelter.  If my efforts prove to be considerably profitable, then I’ll likely increase that percentage. Doing this wasn’t about money, and I’m glad for the opportunities to give something back.

Feel free to contact Corey – He reads every note!

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