The future of Robo-Sapiens

There’s an excellent Discovery documentary on YouTube called Rise of the Machines, and it’s about recent efforts with robots. We have such clever minds working at the desire to create our robot assistants, but we have so far to go…

It’s a great documentary, and it does touch on the robot ability to understand input data and form appropriate expressions, but it deals much more with the mechanical aspects – which as you might guess are staggeringly complex.

Here is a short video of Geminoid F, which is a robot created by Osaka University professor Hiroshi Ishiguro. He hascreated a number of models, and as this video shows quite clearly, his focus has been on making his creations more human- and life-like.

There are several videos for this model that you can click through, all quite fascinating.

Here’s a video about what some of the ethical dilemmas that we are rushing headlong towards might be like: