In 2012, a nice, well-meaning movie came out about a new kind of Odd Couple, named – oddly enough – Robot and Frank.

An screenshot of Frank from the movie Robot and Frank

Here’s Frank Now…

Everyone beyond the age of 30 has heard of the odd couple, but just in case you’re too young to remember – get off my lawn! – er, I mean… it was first a charming movie and then a show about the unlikely pairing of two opposites and the ensue shenanigans that their friction creates. Even if you’ve seen neither, I’m sure the recycled idea is a familiar one.

The movie Robot and Frank is a bit different. Frank is a likable codger who has a robot foisted onto him by his well meaning daughter. He resists, and shenanigans ensue:

We’re all very worried about the terrifying robots who will undoubtedly one day decide the planet is better off without its human infestation… but in the meantime, we can watch great movies. Okay, so Robot and Frank might not be all the great – you can decide for yourself, after you’ve turned down that awful music and hurried off my lawn – and while you might be tempted to grow morose over the automaton minders our offspring have left in charge of us as we descend into the twilight of advanced years, you might instead stop to consider that, hey, maybe that won’t be so bad. Maybe the mechanical babysitters force us to garden, but… uh, let’s see… do our bidding.

Now we’re talking.

Once again, Hollywood has proven that future may be bleak, and perhaps include lots of grand larceny – it will also have wonderful minions.