Joe Satriani isn’t just a flippin’ guitar wiz – he’s a thinker, too.  Who’da thunk it? is one of those sites I hit pretty regularly.  It’s educational about things I love – and perhaps simple enough for me to comprehend them.  If that’s not your thing, have no fear, because here’s a link to an entertaining piece about my earliest guitar influence, Joe.  Give it a watch, because it shows a side of him that you don’t normally get to see.

What do you know, space stuff fuels his imagination!  Mr. Satriani will never know it, but I’m honored to share this with him.  Because he’s awesome.  Here’s some proof:


As it turns out, Joe has a new book that talks about the genesis of his music, and how the stuff of space inspired him: Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir. I’ve got to pick up a copy. I’d love to pick up the 15 CD boxed set, but at $80 I think I’ll hold off until I’m a highly successful author adored by millions. Don’t laugh, it could happen; I’m inspired by space stuff, and as it turns out it’s a great inspiration.

Another good example of a person with space-inspiration is Moritz Palma, the composer for the soundtrack of The Way of All Flesh.  You can hear a sample by browsing there, or by clicking on the player at the bottom.

What inspires you?  Tell us about it in the comments!