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Ladies and Gentlemen! The Way of All Flesh is finally on sale!

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Announcing the amazing cover of The Way of All Flesh, designed by Mike Moss!

The Way of All Flesh

The Way of All Flesh

In a merciless future, mankind mass-produces simulants, living human analogues, to be the slavish workforce of the future. This is the life Maré and Luna were born into: chattel, possessed with a limited lifespan and bereft of personhood.

Joss Breylin, empowered by good grades and a connected father, started out life with far more potential than most humans. He marries the woman of his dreams and they acquire Maré and Luna to help raise the children they hope to have. They adapt when they are unable by allowing the girls to become surrogates, but horrific tragedy strikes. As Joss’ sanity teeters in the aftermath, he vacillates between doting parent to the girls of his memory and torturer of the girls of the present.

Regardless of form or origins, all face choices, hardship and loss, love and triumph on the path that is The Way of All Flesh.

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14, by Peter Clines14, by Peter Clines

This was a great read, recommended to me by my good friend John. As the cover says, it has a feel, particularly in the first half of the book, similar to Lost – though in my opinion, it holds together more coherently and has a more satisfying finish. It has a few tame horror scenes, but where Clines shines is in his ability to build and maintain suspense and tension.

The plot did have one or two tiny thin spots, but it’s a book I highly recommend, and will likely reread someday.


vN, by Madeline Ashby

vN: The First Machine Dynasty, by Madeline Ashby

I enjoyed this book, and anyone who enjoys stories of robots making their way in a dystopian world will, too. Mostly. Okay, it had a few rough spots. Tell you what, here’s a separate review of it.





Cinder, by Marissa Meyer

Cinder: Book One of the Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer

Technically, this book is for a YA audience, but I received it as a gift for Christmas, and I decided to read it. I’m glad I did.Cinder

Cinder is the Meyer’s reimagined take on the Cinderella story. Now, there have been several of those from many authors lately, but this one has new plot twists and is generally done well. Though Cinder is a cyborg, she is quite human in her expression, and I found her affect as she struggled to fight her wicked stepmother and save the life of her much-loved sister from a terrible disease appealing. I enjoyed the injection of Chinese cultural elements. I also rooted for her every time she engaged the handsome prince.

I will definitely read the next installments.

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Pre-Release Readers Wanted!

If you would like to read The Way of All Flesh before it’s released in exchange for an honest review, please use the form below to let us know – and thanks!

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Thank you for your brutal and much needed honesty,

for your technical assistance and tutelage,

for your esprit de corps.

You always were the smartest one of us.


One of my oldest and dearest friends,

My muse, you were there when the going got tough and found ways to inspire me.

Small Hard Rule

Without these my editors, this book would never have seen the light of day…

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This is a simple list of music videos that I’ve enjoyed listening to while writing or working.


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