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Announcing the amazing cover of The Way of All Flesh, designed by Mike Moss!

The Way of All Flesh

The Way of All Flesh

In a merciless future, mankind mass-produces simulants, living human analogues, to be the slavish workforce of the future. This is the life Maré and Luna were born into: chattel, possessed with a limited lifespan and bereft of personhood.

Joss Breylin, empowered by good grades and a connected father, started out life with far more potential than most humans. He marries the woman of his dreams and they acquire Maré and Luna to help raise the children they hope to have. They adapt when they are unable by allowing the girls to become surrogates, but horrific tragedy strikes. As Joss’ sanity teeters in the aftermath, he vacillates between doting parent to the girls of his memory and torturer of the girls of the present.

Regardless of form or origins, all face choices, hardship and loss, love and triumph on the path that is The Way of All Flesh.

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