Ladies and Gentlemen! The Way of All Flesh is finally on sale!


The road to getting this book published was long and taxing.  In many ways, the easiest part of the entire process was writing the story.  You might not know it, but getting a book available for sale involves many steps – especially if you’re self-published.  The cover itself took a month, and truthfully it probably wouldn’t be done yet, if it hadn’t been for my good friend, Mike.  Take a good look at that; didn’t he do a great job?  More like fantastic!

Before that though, there were numerous edits, and for those I tapped John and Nigia.  They hung in there with me for more than six months!  They’re amazing authors in their own right.  Nigia has a few irons in the fire, and from the previews I’ve read, I can’t wait to see the finished works.  Her book A Time of Blood and Fire has a very expansive stage with beautifully detailed and conflicted characters.  John has a book, Spectra, coming (hopefully early in 2015) that’s great, and I do mean great.  The technology he creates in the story is stuff I want right now.

Trust me, head to these folks’ web sites and get reading.  You’ll be glad you did!

Even after those things, getting published on a site like Amazon is very challenging – thought well worth it.  At the end of the day, they’ve really come though in helping me get my vision into reality.  One sticky wicket: the Kindle version and the print version haven’t yet connected, but if you search you’ll find them both.

Now to start on the next book…

One final note: I plan to share half the profits with a local shelter; not only do you get a wonderful story when you purchase a copy, you get to make the world just a little bit better (thumbs up).

Thank you very much, everyone!